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Appearing on CNN Wednesday night, Donald Trump’s special counsel and marital rape truther Michael Cohen repeatedly challenged the notion that Hillary Clinton was polling ahead of the Republican nominee, employing the (powerful but seldom-used) “la la la, I can’t hear you!” defense.

After host Brianna Keilar noted that “you guys are down,” Cohen asked, “Says who?” forcing the CNN anchor to defend reality itself.

“Polls—most of them, all of them?” replied Keiler.

“Says who?” Cohen repeated.

“Polls, I just told you,” said Keiler. “I just answered your question.”

“Okay, which polls?” asked Cohen.

“All them,” Keiler responded.

“Okay,” said Cohen, apparently having completed his cross examination.

UPDATE 7:15 P.M.: According to CNN’s Brian Stelter, Cohen claims his question has been “totally” misconstrued.

“Which polls, conducted by who & when?” said Cohen. “Everyone is not the answer I was expecting.”

In Keiler’s defense, “The Economist, UPI, NBC News, Rasmussen, Reuters, Bloomberg, NBC News, ABC News, The Washington Post, Fox News and CNN between July 29 and August 16,” is a bit of a mouthful.