An armored truck carrying a buttload of cash overturned in Rhode Island on Saturday, police officers say, and guess what: movies are real and money started pouring out everywhere!

The armored truck that was driving in Cranston, Rhode Island, caused quite a stir when it overturned in the road, spilling bags of money. Where were you, huh? Sitting at home with a lottery ticket?

According to the Providence Journal, the truck's driver lost control when heading southbound on Route 10 and was taken to the hospital along with the truck's second occupant after the accident. Deputy Fire Chief Paul L. Valletta Jr. told the Providence Journal that they were unsure if anyone got any cash from the scene:

"There were bags of it all over the place" when emergency crews arrived, Valletta related. "There were quite a few people here."

The money that was strewn about was in clear plastic bags and white canvas duffel bags, he said. A second Garda truck was called in, and, as state police watched, the money was transferred to that vehicle.

The accident is currently under investigation so don't buy that boat just yet, Rhode Island Route 10 drivers.

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