In this photograph, originally published by the London Evening Standard, Tom Hanks appears to be taking up a pair of seats on the subway. You know what? That's fine.

Let no one deny that "manspreading"—a neologism coined to refer to the distinctly male entitlement to space as often made manifest in the cramped environs of the subway—is a real and true thing.

But "Manspreading" is only an epidemic in so far as it affects people's lives. If you spread while people are standing, there's no argument—you're bad.

If, however, there's plenty of room from one end of the subway car to the other—as there would appear to be from the photo above (obviously we can't really tell but it certainly seems that way)—there is no reason why a person should not feel entitled to make themselves comfortable.

Should we give Tom a pass just because he's Chet Haze's dad? Of course not. But this? This is fine.

[Image via Twitter/@standardshowbiz]