Chet Hanks, free speech enthusiast and son of Tom Hanks (known for his role as “Dr. Dwayne Twitchell” in Season 10, Episode 5 of Happy Days), has been thinking a lot about this year’s electoral circus. Thoughts which he has kindly boiled down for us in a three-part Instagram video series that begins: “Pshhht, pthhssshttt, PSHHHTTHT.”

Who else be feeling this way???

It would seem that Chet then became so worked up in his political furor that he not only felt compelled to pull the car over, he also had to remove himself from the driver’s seat entirely. Much like America feels “removed” from the “driver’s seat” of our “electoral process.”

Read between the lines, bitches.

Upon arriving home, Chet then took the time to exit his car, get into bed—maybe have a light snack? It’s impossible to say for sure. What we do know, however, is that Northwestern’s preeminent son of Tom Hanks had multiple minutes to reflect on his next 15-second profundity.

Ultimately, he seems to have settled on “Jeb Bush is not real.”

“Why should you be president? Get the fuck out of here”—the same heart-shattering words from George H.W. that play over and over in Jeb’s head, every night, until his silent tears carry him to sleep.

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