Tom Hanks, beloved actor and father of rapper Chet Haze, finally found someone impervious to his legendary charm. It's still unclear how the woman managed to resist Hanks' affable personality, which once carried two-and-a-half hours of monologuing to a volleyball.

Hanks' wife, Rita Wilson, recounted the baffling encounter in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter with a story about a party they hosted in their suite at the Carlyle Hotel in New York.

"There was a lady in the room next door and she did not like that there were too many people in my suite having a good time, so she came and knocked on the door and Tom answered it," Wilson said. "And he said, 'Excuse me, ma'am, we are very, very sorry for the noise, but would you like to come in?' And she said, 'No!' and walked away."

It's unclear how Hanks is handling the rejection, but our thoughts and prayers are with him.

[image via AP]