Three days before Halloween, a man in a Tigger costume was busted having "full-blown sex" with a naked woman on the baby-changing table of a public restroom. The witnesses were a mom and a toddler, who had the door slammed in their faces by the bouncy-flouncy fucking couple.

The grandmother of the child injured in Dawlish, England's only recorded Tigger-sex incident posted this missive to the Dawlish Neighbourhood Police Facebook page:

Yesterday evening my daughter took her young child to the toilets on barton hill there was a couple in the baby changing room having full blown sex they slammed the door in my granddaughter face and caught her hand in the door resulting in bruising 2 her fingers this is not on this is a disgusting act and in a baby changing room they were about 30ish the man had a tigger outfit on the woman was undressed not very nice 4 a 3 yr child hope no other parent has witness this disgusting behaviour and slammed a door on her hand

Oh, bother.

The Dawlish police are "making inquiries," and several neighbors report seeing people "in fancy dress" at several bars in town earlier that night. The woman Tigger was bouncing on reportedly "had a pointy hat on, a bit like a leprecorn (sic) one, Irish colours."

[h/t Daily Dot, Photo: Amazon]