Here is a tweet TMZ published nearly an hour ago (which we’ve screenshotted due to the very likely case TMZ deletes it):

We’re not exactly sure which article TMZ intended to link to, but the link in that tweet leads to a 2009 post on a French-language blog called Pensées d’outre-politique (which means something like: “Thoughts of fringe politics” or “Thoughts from outer politics”). The post is titled “Quand la justice française encourage les circoncisions clandestines” (which means something like: “When French courts encourages secret circumcisions”).

Here is a sampling (via Google Translate):

For those unaware, the circumcision is a partial or total removal of the foreskin, the end of the penis, usually performed for religious reasons among Jews and Muslims, but also sometimes for medical or hygienic reasons. This is therefore an act that French law tolerates when operated within a religion. But still a surgical procedure should be practiced in the hospital! However, two recent cases occurred in the North and Belgium shows that the French Justice is ready to encourage illegal practices, those that are on the dining room table, outside of any medical setting. A scandal!Let's be clear from the start, it helps the understanding of all: circumcision leaves me totally indifferent. As Jews or Muslims , for religious reasons (actually, this is more of the tradition of religious obligation), decide to remove a piece of penis, it does absolutely not mind: it looks at those choose to do so. I know that some believe that this is a sexual mutilation , carried mostly on non-consenting minors, but it is far from the barbaric part of excision, which is also totally banned in France.

The post also contains a black and white drawing comparing a “normal five year old penis” and a “circumcized five year old penis.”

As of 8:46 p.m., the tweet is still up:

Well then.

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