Gawker maintains an active telephone tips line. Sometimes, we get tips so big—so explosive—we have no choice but to publish them directly to our website. Today, we heard from Jim, who is "not a politician or whatever," but has been "fired a lot."

Jim's voice mail is reproduced in its entirety below:

Hi, how y'all doing? I'm Jim [REDACTED], and I believe that the Latin kids coming from Latin America are being sent here to fill a void for all the abortions. I'm not a politician, or whatever, but that's just logical. We need 'em! We need the Latin American kids. Who's gonna fill the void for the millions that's been aborted?

I'm not passing judgement on anybody. I'm Jim. Former World Bank, former National Gallery of Art, former GM proving ground, and Rex Humbard's television ministry. I got fired a lot.

I enjoy the Gawker, even though you're so damned liberal. Esquire's got a good article, too, about the fact that maybe Jesus was—what if Jesus was right? Somebody's in deep doo-doo. Well, thanks a lot. I enjoy Gawker. God bless you.

[Image via djgis/Shutterstock]