Racism, xenophobia, and jokes about killing political protestors are not funny, but sick-burning a Trump booster on national television because he’s sitting in a booster seat is VERY funny. That’s just the way it is.

Andy Dean (above, left) is a former contestant on The Apprentice, where he groveled before the man whom he would later work for as president of Trump Productions. Now, he’s a professional stooge who bickers with TV hosts like Anderson Cooper.

He’s also, according to former Jeb Bush campaign worker Tim Miller, the kind of guy who requests a booster seat on CNN so that he will appear taller than he really is.

Does laughing at this great dis somehow debase us, dragging us to the same degraded level of cruelty that Trump inhabits, as the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent suggests?

No. It is completely OK to laugh at this burn.

h/t Greg Sargent who is not so great at analogies

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