The darling, precious season premiere of MasterChef Junior, one of the top five television shows about children wielding sharp knives, turned darling, precious, and bloody when one of the tiny chefs experienced the show's first-ever cute li'l slicing accident. There was blood everywhere.

Calamity struck when 11-year-old Long Island chef/child Kayla Mitchell made a boo-boo with an 8-inch knife: instead of cutting into a lime, she cut into two of her fingers.

"How did you manage to cut two fingers at once?" asked angry babysitter Gordon Ramsay.

Kayla doesn't have an answer.

"It happened so quick," Kayla told webpage about television The TV Page, "All I remember seeing was, like, part of my nail was gone and there was just blood everywhere. It was horrible."

It was the first time in MasterChef Junior's three seasons that the show's kitchen had ever run red with the blood of an innocent middle schooler, but producers knew something like this could happen to one of their wee kiddos.

"All contestants go through basic kitchen safety training prior to setting foot in the MasterChef kitchen and we have medics trained in first aid on set throughout challenges on both shows," executive producer Adeline Rooney told the TV site.

"With the Junior contestants, we take extra precautions and have an even larger team of dedicated medics observing the children throughout every challenge."

She added that young Kayla is fully recovered and ready to participate in next week's episode of Kids With Knives Slice Through the Darndest Things.

[h/t Uproxx]