Say what you want about #brands, but one thing's for sure—cable companies are more than just "not your friend." Cable companies are public enemy No. 1 and if you piss one of their overworked, underpaid employees off enough, they're liable to call you a cunt and cancel your service.

Take, for example, Time Warner Cable. According to Ars Technica, a female customer whose first name isn't actually "Cunt," messed with the wrong representative while troubleshooting a cable box problem online.

"I am a current Time Warner Cable customer, and I just received a letter today addressed to 'Cunt' Martinez (my last name)... stating I requested to disconnect my service, which I never did," [Cunt] Martinez tells Ars. "The only information they could provide was that the name change was made on 2/12/15, which happens to be the same day I used their 'live chat' feature online and called in and spoke to a representative regarding an issue with my cable box. I was not upset even when they could not resolve my issue and had to send a technician out. I have no idea why a TWC employee would do this and risk losing their job."

Time Warner Cable, a company not exactly known for its fast response time, "immediately" apologized and offered [Cunt] Martinez one free year of service.

""We are truly sorry for the disgraceful treatment of Ms. [Cunt] Martinez and have reached out to her to apologize directly. Our investigation showed that this was done by an employee at a third-party vendor. We have terminated our agreement with this vendor and are changing our processes to prevent this from happening again," a spokesperson tells Ars.

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