Read the name: Barracks. Hussein. Obama. That should have been enough to tell us never to allow this man to be Commander in Chief. But you elected him, America, and here is what you get: a disgusting display of high-handedness (literally!!) to our men and women in uniform.

"President" Obummer exited his taxpayer-funded helicopter ride yesterday with a metaphorical scalding of what this nation stands for. As two brave Marines stood at attention—two men who would take a bullet for our Kenyan leader despite the fact that he smoked illegal dope in the hallowed halls of our finest universities—our "rock star" president exited his chopper holding not a copy of the US Constitution, but instead a jumbo-sized cup of coffee, probably from Starbucks, a store that employs individuals who have at one time engaged in sodomy. When the time came for the traditional salute to our troops, Mr. Brack—I hesitate to call him "President," a term I'd prefer to reserve for proven patriots like Millard Fillmore—casually and without a care in the world moved his slender hand to his pampered forehead while still holding the coffee cup, making a mockery of the very idea of a "salute," which is to be done with nothing in hand, so that one may easily transition into a karate chop aimed at those enemies who would attack our freedoms.

I suppose Barak Obma believes he can simply fling coffee in the face of our enemies—or, more likely, our men and women in uniform.

Needless to say, the free press of this great nation has already taken pains to point out the extent of the anti-American apathy embodied in the former community organizer's blase approach to showing respect. From the New York Post:

The chief executive's faux pas came just one day after he ordered US troops into harm's way with a massive air attack against ISIS targets in Syria.

In the video, Obama buttons his coat with his left hand and casually salutes with his well-caffeinated right hand as he saunters down the stairs.

It appears that despite living in public housing paid for by citizens such as myself, our "hallowed leader" finds the caffeine needs of his hand to be more important than showing a proper amount of deference to the heroes who fight for all of us in our many wars of choice overseas.

Here's an idea, Breck Obama: put down the coffee cup. Turn and face each of these brave men and salute them properly. Sink to your knees at the bottom of the helicopter stairs, kiss their polished boots, and then pray to your precious Mecca—not for the sharia law that you so desire, but for the continued success of this great nation, the United States of America, which provideth you with the very helicopter that you use to hover above us all, haughty, thinking you are better than us, continuously caffeinating your right hand, until its energy poses a danger to law and order.

We are watching you, Bark Obama. We are watching you sir. #TheFreePress

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