Beau Cribbs and Tim Kaine circa 2008. Photo courtesy Cribbs

Earlier this week, Gawker received an email from one Beau Cribbs, Senator Tim Kaine’s body man from 2008 to 2010, when he was governor of Virginia. “My job was sort of like Tony Hale’s on ‘VEEP,’ but only slightly less pathetic,” Cribbs wrote. Aw.

“I’m (shamelessly) reaching out to volunteer myself as a character witness for Senator Tim Kaine if/when he’s selected as Hillary Clinton’s running mate in the next few days,” Cribbs, who now works as a political consultant, explained. “I’m still pretty close to him personally, so I might be able to give you some insight into what he’s like beyond the public persona (I don’t think he’s boring, by the way).”

Asked why people think Kaine is boring, Cribbs wrote:

I think it’s easy to call him dull because he doesn’t get in Twitter fights or wear hats with campaign slogans tastefully embroidered on the front.

And I suppose you can call him boring when compared to candidates that get into hand-measuring contests and throw grenades every single day.

But I spent many 15 hour days with the guy traveling on the road when he was governor, and this is a guy that is full of attributes that are sorely missing from the 2016 campaign: He’s thoughtful, consensus-building, and genuinely cheerful. He also knows a hell of a lot about baseball and music, too.

Sounds like a real barrel of laughs!