Fashionistas and fashion mistas everywhere, your time to shine has finally come. For the foreseeable future, you will not be asked to stuff your meaty legs into the denim casing of a skinny jean in order to make regrettable fashion sausage. Finally, a Chinese investor has invested cash into the believed-to-be-dead JNCO Jeans operation.

Everyone stand up! Hup hup!

The FADER reports via Women's Wear Daily that JNCOs (the jeans too big to hold your legs but too small to contain your dopeness) are gearing for a relaunch in 2015. That's right—this year. How have you been preparing? WWD reports:

"The core collection features traditional styles including a knit jean with a slouchy fit; the fashion group has joggers with zip bottoms and a drawstring waist, and the heritage collection offers leg openings of 20 inches and 23 inches, with high waists. All of the product will feature JNCO's crown logo."

Fuck yeah. No half-stepping on the double-pant-leg trend, my friends. JNCOs has a revamped website, which proudly claims an empire is being created:

JNCO – The iconic brand that defined an entire culture in the 90s is back, and we have been busy creating a new empire. Are you ready to join us on our new adventure? "Judge None, Choose One"

The new jeans brand will launch with three capsules: a core collection, a fashion collection, and a heritage range. I don't know what a capsule is but I'm down to clown if it means big jeans for my fashionable lifestyle.

[Image via Imgarcade]