Last week, two men and a teenager were found dead in Fort Wayne, Indiana, having been shot “execution style,” authorities said. All three were immigrants from the Sudan, according to WANE-TV: Two were Muslim and the third Christian.

Police found the bodies of Mohamedtaha Omar, 23; Adam Kamel Mekki, 20; and Muhannad Adam Tairab, 17, at an abandoned house owned by an absentee landlord in Indianapolis, and known to be a hangout spot for younger immigrants living in the area, the Associated Press reports.

Public Safety Director Rusty York told WANE the victims had been shot multiple times in “execution-style” killings. But he also said that authorities are not yet investigating the shooting as a hate crime: “We don’t believe that’s the case at all.” Police Chief Garry Hamilton said that the three were not known to have been involved in any gang activity. He also speculated that there was likely more than one person involved in the shooting.

“With that many people involved, victims, it’s hard for one person to commit that act by themselves so there had to be some other people present,” the police chief said. “These young people were just starting out their lives, and now, they’ve lost their lives. I need the citizens of Fort Wayne to support us to give us this information and anyone with information about this to help solve this case.”

Omar and Tairab were laid to rest on Saturday. “We all came here to find peace and security,” Abdelaziz Hassab, a relative of both, told WANE. “We’re from the war zones, but the destiny waiting for us is real crazy.”

“People got laid down and shot multiple times on the head,” he said. “So this is no game. It’s serious.” According to the Indianapolis Star, federal law enforcement is assisting with the investigation.

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