A typical night in Southwest Florida: three butt-ass naked college guys broke into a burger shack looking for raw meat. They stole 60 burgers, three pounds of bacon, three red peppers, and a paddleboard from Doc's Beach House around 3 a.m. The bros (and all their meat) remain at large.

Doc's Beach House waitress Nancy Sansevieri called these unidentified bros "knuckleheads," which is fair. "Dumb, dumber, and dumbest," she continued. Security cameras caught them in the act. (Police released some of the footage, but the only dude really visible is the one who was wearing tighty-whities. Shame.)

Doc's general manager at least has a sense of humor about the robbery. "When I saw the security footage, I said how is this guy not wearing any clothes? Then I said, 'Wait, it's not just one. There's three naked.' That's what makes this funny." Yep.

[Images via News Press]