Three children — two boys and a girl between the ages of eight and ten — were killed in an Israeli airstrike today after a brief cease-fire ended in Gaza. The kids, who were cousins, were feeding pigeons on the roof when their family home was hit.

The kids' grandfather, Marzouk Shahaibar, told the Associated Press, "Without even realizing it, they were struck from above. They weren't fighting. They did nothing." Local TV footage shows "a little doll and a sandal near pools of blood on the roof of the home."

Four boys between the ages of nine and eleven were killed yesterday while playing soccer on an otherwise empty beach. Reporters from multiple news outlets witnessed the attack — some were kicking the ball with the children only moments before. At least 235 Palestinians, most of them civilians, have been killed in the 10-day conflict between Israel and Hamas so far. One Israeli citizen has been killed by rocket fire from Hamas.

The BBC reported earlier today that an Egypt-brokered cease-fire deal between Israel and Hamas had been reached, but Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman promptly denied that report. Today's brief cease-fire, meant to be a "humanitarian window" for Gaza citizens to buy supplies and food, ended when Hamas fired 50 rockets into Israel. Israel responded with multiple airstrikes.

[Photo from yesterday's funeral for the four boys killed on the beach, via AP]