Photo: NJPD via NBC

Earlier today, three people were arrested with multiple loaded long-range guns and handguns, knives, ballistic vests, a camouflage helmet and night goggles at the entrance to the Holland Tunnel by the New Jersey police. The “self-styled vigilantes” were on a mission. NBC:

One of the suspects allegedly told authorities the trio was en route to Queens to try to save a friend who is on heroin and being held against her will. Police are looking for the possible woman in Queens.

Two men in their 50s and a woman in her 20s from Pennsylvania were taken into custody after their very noticeable Dodge was pulled over for a cracked windshield and the police noticed the first of many weapons.

Photo: NJPD via NBC

The vehicle had decals for Tonka, Monster energy drinks and several logos for Higher Ground Tactical, a gun range in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, about two hours away. Along with the cache of weapons, police confiscated a red bag with the words “Firearms Instructor” and a container with “Shoot Your Local Heroin Dealer” in neon green.

A look at the Higher Ground Tactical Facebook page suggests several connections to the incident. John Cramsey, who is listed as Senior Operator of the range, has posted several times on the business’s Facebook page. In photos set to public, Cramsey appears to pose next to a similar truck.

Cramsey also posts repeatedly about his daughter Alexandria “Lexii” Cramsey who passed away in February at the age of 20, sometimes including her “It Gets Better” video. An under-construction foundation website set up in Lexii Cramsey’s name provides resources for people with “loved ones lost due to heroin abuse.” In between pro-gun memes and “good guy with a gun” inspirational quotes, Cramsey has posted Good Samaritan PSAs and made sad and somewhat ominous posts that allude to his growing frustration.

Screenshot: Facebook

Other public images included captions such as, on June 12, “Who else out there is ready to show these Dealers of Death that we are Madder than HELL and we’re NOT GUNNA TAKE IT NO MORE ! Enjoy your Day Fuckers..... Cause I’m about to Fuck UP Your Night ! Me and who’s Army ? Y’all just Stay Tuned and I’ll Introduce you to them later on.” A post made 14 hours ago reads, “Today is the day that marks the 4 Month Anniversary of the loss of my sweet baby girl. For as much as its worth .... I have been fighting the Demon that stole you from me with everything I got ....Please give me the Strength to continue taking this fight to the Evil.”

A Port Authority police spokesperson told the Daily News, “The agency does not believe the incident is terrorism-related.”