Next week, Des Moines, Iowa will play host to the National Religious Liberties Conference—a warm, welcoming place where you get to hear about how birth control literally fills women’s wombs with tiny dead fetus babies and how homosexuals should be put to death. Naturally, GOP candidates Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, and Mike Huckabee were more than happy to sign up.

All three candidates are scheduled to speak at the two-day conference that’s being organized by ultra-conservative radio pastor Kevin Swanson. Right Wing Watch has put together a fairly comprehensive list of the man’s objectively insane ideas, some of which include:

Of course, none of this too far afield from the attending candidates own ideologies. Ted Cruz himself has said that the Democrats “devotion to mandatory gay marriage” is one of the “greatest threats we’ve ever seen.” Experienced exorcist and Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal even penned an entire op-ed in the New York Times to ensure that everyone knows just how much he hates the gays. And as a former pastor, Mike Huckabee had this to say on the Supreme Court’s momentous same-sex marriage ruling:

The candidates will be speaking along side a number of other “persecuted Christians” and “religious freedom advocates” because, as the conference’s own web site reads:

Persecution against Christians is on the rise in Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan, China, Oregon, and Kentucky.


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