Less than a day after a truck containing 71 decomposing bodies was found outside Vienna, police stopped a small van carrying 26 refugees in northern Austria, including three small children who were hospitalized with severe dehydration, the New York Times reports.

Spokesman David Furtner said that police spotted a suspicious vehicle around 4 a.m. on Friday near the Austrian-German border close to Braunau. The driver, a 29-year-old Romanian initially ignored police requests to stop, although, after a brief chase, he pulled over. He was arrested.

All three of the children are from Syria, Furtner said, and were in life-threatening condition. The five-year-old twin girls and 6-year-old boy were taken to the hospital in Braunau, the Times reports. Their conditions have improved.

Other refugees in the van, heading for Germany, were from Syria, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan.

On Saturday, four suspects—three Bulgarians and one Afghan—in the week’s earlier, fatal smuggling case appeared in court in Hungary. According to the Times, they are awaiting trial on charges of human trafficking involving torture and financial gain.

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