We all had our suspicions about the three-boob lady's third boob, and now it appears that the worst is true: Jasmine Tridevil's third breast, TMZ reports, is not a true implant, but a mere prosthetic.

The hot boob scoop came from a police report filed in connection with Tridevil (real name Alisha Hessler) at the Tampa International Airport. According to the report, Hessler/Tridevil's bag was stolen from a luggage conveyor and eventually recovered. Listed among the bag's contents, alongside a hairbrush, clothing, and stiletto heels: a "3 breast prosthesis."

Previously, the myth-busting site Snopes collected evidence about Hessler's apparent history as an internet hoaxster, including a story that Gawker picked up last year. The dream is over. You were too beautiful for this world, boob.