Photo: Twitter/Brett Chamberlain

A crowd of protestors marched through the heart of midtown Manhattan on Saturday, chanting for a man who was not at home.

The protest, which began near Trump Tower in Columbus Circle at around noon, and was meant to end up at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, where Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump lives. The event was a circus, rife with poop signs, shouts of “Dump Trump!” and even Trump supporters alleging the whole thing was funded by big-time Democratic funder George Soros.

The Daily Beast reporter Gideon Resnick tweeted that he’d spoken to one protestor who had been pepper-sprayed by police. Other footage from the march showed protestors being arrested by police and minor scuffles breaking out.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away in Arizona, another set of Trump protestors managed to block oncoming traffic near the site of Trump’s rally at Fountain Park in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

Meanwhile, Trump has been going about his day, not a care in the world about the trail of scorched earth in his wake.