Is Thought Catalog's "Ferguson, Missouri Looks Like A Rap Video" by Anthony Rogers the dumbest thing that's been written about Michael Brown and the aftermath of his death so far? Let's investigate:

The story goes, Michael Brown was doing hood rat shit with his friends, walking down the middle of the street. The officers warned him to get on the sidewalk, Michael refused. Here is where the story gets bizarre, he was shot 25 or 35 (I forget) feet away from the Officer, yet the Officer claimed there was a struggle for his gun. Not sure if this is like the JFK magic bullet theory or even really what happened. The only people who knows are shot or a cop.

Yes. Yes, it is.

Rogers goes on to take "looters" to task for mourning improperly. He notes, "You cannot find Jordans, rims, weaves or Quick Trips in Ferguson, MO." Never does he mention which rap video Ferguson reminds him of, because that would require an actual engagement with black art and not stereotypical notions in his head. (Rogers previously expressed that he is not much impressed with Kanye West.)

Rogers writes, "Not 100% certain what any of this solved or how it was useful." That sounds like meta-commentary on his own work, but it is not.

Previously this week, Thought Catalog ran an essay by Gavin McInnes called "Transphobia Is Perfectly Natural." I'll save you the trouble of looking it up: It's bigoted trolling. ("By pretending this is all perfectly sane, you are enabling these poor bastards to mutilate themselves. This insane war on pronouns is about telling people what to do.")

Thought Catalog believes all thinking is relevant. Fuck Thought Catalog.