Sure, cynics can argue that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a faddish, self-promoting waste of water, and people shouldn't need a stupid meme to convince them to fight life-threatening diseases. They can also bite their damn tongues, because that stupid meme has raised more than $20 million for people like Anthony Carbajal and his family.

Could we have done it without the celebrities? Without the water? Without covering Amy Schumer in an entire can of clam chowder? Yes, undoubtedly. But we didn't. So if some celebrities and a bunch of your Facebook friends want to jump on the bandwagon, let them. Turns out their money can still be used for research and drug development even if you don't feel it was given with the purest intentions.

Anthony, who has seen ALS claim his loved ones and now has to prepare for it to destroy him, too, doesn't really have the luxury of judging.

[h/t Reddit]