Racist territorialist Cliven Bundy has done crazy shit, but here is one crazy thing, contrary to a story broken today by Buzzfeed, that he hasn’t done: filed a federal lawsuit claiming, among other things, that Barack Obama threatened Donald Trump.

Buzzfeed somehow discovered a lawsuit filed in federal court in Nevada in 2014 that contains a whole bunch of obviously invented allegations, such as: Obama blackmailed Trump, Obama has ties to Hezbollah, Obama sold “Muslim oils” as a street vendor in disguise, Bill Clinton wore a burqa, Obama fucked his dogs in the White House, etc.

An immediate thing to wonder when processing this information is why Cliven Bundy would file a lawsuit in his home state via the longform handwriting of a prisoner in Pennsylvania. Indeed, the lawsuit was not filed by Bundy. It was instead filed by an inmate in Pennsylvania named David Rothrock, with Bundy’s name attached. Phillip Bump of the Washington Post, an immediate skeptic of the story, noted on Twitter that Bundy’s signature seemed obviously forged:

Others responded to that tweet noting that Rothrock had filed a similarly nonsensical lawsuit against several athletes also in 2014, which included Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, whose “P.O. box” in that suit was the same as the one listed for Bundy.

Buzzfeed quickly changed the wording of their headline from “Cliven Bundy Claims Obama Threatened Donald Trump In Bizarre Hand-Written Lawsuit” (as seen above) to “Bizarre Lawsuit Claims Cliven Bundy Accused Obama Of Threatening Donald Trump,” which was at least marginally closer to the truth than the original headline. It now reads: “Bizarre Lawsuit Claims Without Evidence That Cliven Bundy Accused Obama Of Threatening Donald Trump.”

Anyway, the more you know. Or don’t.

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