A 20-year-old man was arrested by Lee County, Fla., deputies Tuesday on possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana—a typical occurrence and a useless waste of police time that would normally not be newsworthy, except for the t-shirt he was wearing when he was booked.

Micah Dailey of Cape Coral was held for 7 hours and released on $6,500 bail. The New York Daily News reports he did not pass Go, nor did he collect 200 dollars, likely because Monopoly is not real life, just an increasingly depressing metaphor thereof.

The War on Drugs is a heap of extremely expensive, racist bullshit that hurts everyone except the prison industry, but hey, at least it's given us this one humorous photo.

He went to jail! Directly to jail! It's almost as good as the time the guy in the "drunk as shit" shirt got a DUI. The criminal justice system, am I right?

[Photo: Lee County Sheriff's Office via NYDN]