Jiff the Pomeranian, an alive teddy bear that technically counts as a dog, has set two new landspeed records for running on two legs, according to Guinness World Records. Who's a good boy? Jiff is, Guinness judges confirmed.

He's now the world's fastest dog on both his front and hind legs, finishing a 10-meter hind-leg run in 6.56 seconds and a 5-meter front-paw race in 7.76.

You've probably seen this dog before: He's been in Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" music video, he often appears on Good Morning America, and BuzzFeed has covered him so many times that they should give him his own vertical.

It's worth noting that Jiff is hardly the first Pomeranian to walk on two legs and waggle his little Pomeranian penis—he's just the first one to do it with his own Hollywood agent.

How come it's hailed as cute when Jiff stands on his hind legs, but considered super-creepy-weird when Jin Dan did it? Is there bias in the world of internet dog video reporting? Scandal!

[h/t HuffPo]