"I feel like he always gets off," pregnant Samantha Scheibe told a police investigator after her boyfriend—George Zimmerman, killer of Trayvon Martin, alleged abuser of his wife, violator of innumerable traffic laws, collector of many firearms—pointed a shotgun at her and smashed her belongings. Scheibe was right, again.

Though Scheibe said police had "misinterpreted" her statements and she ultimately declined to press charges against Sanford, Florida's most infamous resident, a full half-hour video of her interview with police—leaked online by ZimmermanVerdict.net and first reported this morning by Mother Jones—offers a scary account of Zimmerman's violent personal life.

Throughout, the uncomfortable Scheibe explains in vivid detail Zimmerman's frequent "episodes" of anger and fondness for handguns, shotguns, and a semiautomatic AR-15 rifle. She also exhibits some common characteristics of domestic abuse victims, qualifying and seeming to assume responsibility for some of the violence Zimmerman allegedly did to her—including choking her and threatening her with a Kel-Tec shotgun.

On the day of the mid-November incident, which started with Scheibe dumping Zimmerman and ended with him giving himself up to police, she told Seminole County Sheriff's Deputy Stephen LaGuardia that Zimmerman got ragey while she moved his belongings outside her house. "He went to the rifle bag, unlocked it, immediately pulled out the first gun"—a Kel-Tec shotgun. "He pointed it at me for a second and said, 'Do you really want to do this?' because I'd told him that I was gonna call the cops."

Then he smashed her coffee table with the butt of his shotgun.

Scheibe: "I got on the phone with the cops, and that really upset him, because I've threatened to call the cops on him before, and I never have."

LaGuardia: "Why did you threaten to call the cops before?"

Scheibe:"Because he has… episodes…"

LaGuardia: "During his episodes, has there ever been any other violence that's taken place?"

Scheibe: "He's choked me once."

LaGuardia: "About how long ago?"

Scheibe: "About a week, a week and a half ago… I had trouble breathing at the end. Like, it started where I could talk and… to be honest with you, I was kinda making fun of him, like 'Seriously, you're gonna try to do this right now?' And that's why he got more aggressive and my voice started changing the sound of my voice where I couldn't talk at all. And then he let go. But it bruised my throat."

LaGuardia: "Now in that case, why didn't you call the police?"


Scheibe: "Because… [pause] I feel like he always gets off.

To be honest… I hit him when he choked me, so I figured that would…"

LaGuardia: "Did you hit him out self-defense or anger or what?"...

Scheibe: "I mean once he let go I hit him. When I was free enough to, like, fight back."

That fight, she said, arose because "he was jealous over my ex," who had helped care for her daughter.

Asked again how she felt when Zimmerman aimed the scattergun at her, she said, "I was trying to figure out, honestly, whether or not he intended to hurt me or himself at that very first moment.

"And then I realized he was pissed at me."