Here we have Captain Clay Higgins of the St. Landry Parrish Sheriff’s Office. In the video below, Capt. Higgins thunderously addresses members of the so-called Gremlins Gang of southern Louisiana, while holding an automatic rifle, and while surrounded by fellow members of his department, who are also baring very large weaponry. There is no way you will watch the video and not come away feeling very good about the country we have built for each other.

In the video, Capt. Higgins recites the names of seven wanted alleged Gremlins members and then tells them: “You will be hunted, you will be trapped.” He also calls the men “animals,” “uneducated” and “heathens,” and challenges them to battle, saying they’ve “never won a fair fight in their lives.” Anticipating the obvious criticism of an armed white police officer calling a group of young black men “animals,” Capt. Higgins notes that each strapped officer in the background of the video is accompanied by a “leader of our black community.” Maybe Capt. Higgins read about the study arguing that the “black friends” defense actually works.

Capt. Higgins is something of a viral star, at least as much as a cop in backwater Louisiana could be. Last year, CBS News ran a story on the man they say is called “the ‘John Wayne’ of Cajun country.” His videos are so anticipated that the hometown Acadiana Advocate was at the taping for a behind-the-scenes photoshoot.

You can read about the alleged crimes committed by the men named in the video as well as their fellow purported gang members who have already been arrested on the website of local news station KATC 3. There are several allegations of violent crimes including murder and attempted murder, but also a deluge of petty drug offenses. The 17 alleged Gremlins members who are wanted or who were already captured, have, according to KATC 3's accounting, at least 98 arrests in their lifetimes combined.

The video concludes with Capt. Higgins imploring viewers to “stand up, share this video and send a clear message to the world: we’re Americans, we’d rather die on our feet than live on our knees.” The clip has been viewed over 10 million times since it was posted on Facebook 22 hours ago.

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