The below photo of a dick is allegedly a screengrab from the Usher Raymond sex tape that an anonymous seller was shopping around last month. The tape, a home movie starring Usher and his Atlanta Ex-wife Tameka Raymond, supposedly leaked when a video camera was stolen from the singer's car since 2010, and his lawyer has been trying to prevent its release.

If the tape has been sold to a website—TMZ reported the seller was shopping it to blogs, not porn sites—no one has posted it yet. Diary of a Hollywood Street King has released these two grainy frames featuring a face that may or may not be Tameka's and a dick that may or may not be Usher's, but Jacky Jasper (not the most reliable source, it should be noted) doesn't claim to have the whole video.

Update: Following a takedown request, we've swapped out the photo with an illustration. We're straightening a couple things out and will explain more next week.

At least two different alleged Usher sex tapes are being shopped around to gossip blogs: a tipster previously sent Gawker an obvious fake, but these screengrabs are from a different video.

Is this one authentic? And if so, who's trying to sell it? If you have the video or any additional information about Usher's dick, email (Merry Christmas, Jordan!)

[h/t ONTD, Photo: Getty Images]