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Here it is, straight from Brazil: the video that bravely asks the question, “For what have woman ?? Why pay for a whore ??? If you can just fuck your car !!! huahuahua is it yummy ??”

Last year, 63-year-old Edward Smith bragged about his 700 sexual conquests of cars (he eventually married a VW Beetle), but what Smith does in the bedroom—garage?–is a bit different from what you see in this video:

For Smith, the mechanics of romance don’t involve any penetration—just hugging, petting, a light caress here, some whispered sweet talk there. “And then, of course,” he continues, “The rest is just physical satisfaction. Masturbation, I guess, is the word.”

This gentleman, though, is not the old-fashioned romantic Smith claims to be. His M.O. does involve penetration. “Sticking your dick in a tailpipe,” I guess, is the phrase?

The video description gives very few details, so it’s unclear whether this carfucker is a genuine mechaphile or just an auto-curious individual who wanted to find out whether it was—huahuahua!—yummy.

[h/t BroBible]