"Is this the worst Jeopardy story ever?" asked a tipster in an email last night. "A contestant on Jeopardy told perhaps the stupidest story in the show's history," said this Uproxx headline. As you know, the internet is given to hyperbole and exaggeration in its ongoing quest to find the worst and the stupidest. Was this really it? Yes, probably. Yes.

Although Jeopardy vets its contestant stories ahead of time, there's nothing the show can do to prevent what happened to physics Ph.D. candidate Dan Tran, who I'm sure is normally brilliant. He tried to tell a normal, relatable story about going to Paris and getting the sun and moon mixed up—we've all been there, am I right?—but it just wasn't coming out the way he wanted it to.

Even Dan didn't seem quite sure what happened there, but Alex Trebek played it off like a professional and moved on with the game—in which Dan eventually tied for the lead. That means he'll be back tonight for a shot at telling a story that is not the actual worst of all time.

[h/t Uproxx]