Today, Kanye West's tour DJ Million Dollar Mano announced that he no longer works for the Chicago rapper. It's not yet known why the two split, but this hilarious video of Mano pissing West off by fucking up on his Yeezus Tour suggests that it miiiiiight not have been a mutual decision.

The video, put together by a user of the incredible and cultish Kanye To The message board, shows Mano queueing up the wrong songs or dropping songs out to get the crowd engaged but never bringing the beat back in, leaving West standing in front of thousands of people in awkward silence. In the most painful clip, West raps his remix of Chief Keef's "I Don't Like" when Mano switches off the song for nearly 30 seconds, leaving West to passive-aggressively implore him to stop fucking up: "Like... like... Mano... like... like..."

West has not commented on his split with Mano, and reps for the rapper did not return a request for comment on the exact nature of the situation. For his part, Mano is sort of losing his mind on Twitter.

But if you're feeling bad, don't worry too much. Mano has a very historic snapback legacy, according to this one guy he retweeted.