Guess who used to own this attractive and abandoned bit of Newark, New Jersey?

That’s right: Social media whiz Cory Booker. New Jersey Republican Steve Lonegan, who's running against Booker (who is, in addition to his tweeting duties, mayor of Newark) for a seat in the U.S. Senate, held a press conference on Tuesday afternoon in front of this abandoned Newark building—which Lonegan calls a “crack house”—that Booker bought in 2009 for $175,000 and later donated to (his own) charity. Here’s Lonegan stumping on a street corner in front of the house, located in Newark’s Central Ward:

Lonegan’s press conference followed numerous reports accusing Booker of neglecting the property. The media-loving mayor apparently neglected to deal with squatters, trash, and open drug use nearby. Still, a sizable number of Newark residents appeared to protest the event:

You can inspect Booker’s former abode on Google Maps, or in person at 130 Court Street in Newark. (Watch out for Rob Ford if you venture the latter.)

[Talking Points Memo | Image credit: Google Maps]