In the tradition of DoubleDickDude and The Man With No Ass Crack, another man with freakish genitals has taken to Reddit to show off his odd goods. World, meet a guy who has three testicles.

GardenOfGandalf (he could take a lesson from DoubleDickDude about picking usernames) says he's always wanted to post photos of his tri-ball situation, but had to wait until he turned 18 so his fellow redditors wouldn't have to worry about child porn charges.

Yes, these are three barely legal balls:

No, he won't star in a porno with DoubleDickDude.

Yes, he just tried to "do a Newton's Cradle thing with them."

No, it didn't work.

No, he doesn't know which one is the "extra" testicle.

Yes, they kind of get tangled up sometimes.

Yes, he will volunteer to teabag people with them. He is 18. Come on.

The tri-balled wonder promised to answer any further scrotal trilemmas that may be gnawing at your brain in an Ask Me Anything interview tomorrow on Reddit: The Future of Journalism.

[H/T: Daily Dot, Photo Credit: gardenofgandalf/Reddit]