Screenshot: Florida Agricultural Crimes Intelligence Unit/Facebook

I don’t know about you, but when I log onto Facebook, I’m hoping to see pregnancy announcements from couples I went to high school with, self-congratulatory status updates from my professional peers, and photos of the latest gator crimes and horse frauds being perpetrated in the Sunshine State. That’s why the Florida Agricultural Crimes Intelligence Unit is my new favorite page on the social network.

The FACIU is a non-profit organization, founded in 1981, whose stated aim is “sharing information on crimes affecting the agricultural communities throughout Florida and surrounding states.” While the FACIU is not a law enforcement agency, its members are acting cops and sheriff’s deputies who specialize in agricultural crime, and it is contracted by police departments across the state to provide training to officers on topics such as animal diseases and heavy farm equipment.

If you’re not a Florida farmer, however, you might be less interested in the FACIU’s role in the state’s crime-fighting community than you are in the zany stuff it posts on Facebook, such as this photo of a gator stealing a watermelon from Friday.

That particular meddling reptile garnered a fair amount of news coverage, but plenty of the FACIU deep cuts are just as delightful. Take this khaki-clad man of leisure riding a giant metal chicken, for instance.

Or this BAD bull who’s just dyin’ to bust loose.

There’s this walking cane that doubles as a 12-gauge shotgun.

And this bull(?) attacking a cop car.

And, like any good Facebook page, the FACIU posts plenty of fresh memes that are hyper-targeted to its very specific audience.

And so on.

Life is difficult, and the moments of joy that stick their noses up from the mud like giant fruit-thieving lizards are what make it worth living. Bring more spontaneous joy into your life. Like the Florida Agricultural Crimes Intelligence Unit Facebook page.