One year ago, America had bigger things to worry about than A-Rod's pharmaceutical regimen and the latest tripe from Beyonce: a huge, well-deserved drought covering the majority of the country. What has the new summer brought us? More drought. And now we must suffer for our sins.

Let's see here— in 2011, it was predicted that the Western states would soon be suffering a horrible drought. Did residents there immediately begin digging grand underground canals in order to hoard water? No. They simply continued playing their Xboxes and rooting for the hometown football team and wantonly sweating without saving that sweat in a rag for future reuse. And here is the big Western drought. I hope you all are very happy with yourselves. From the L.A. Times:

Across the West, changes in the climate are taking a toll. Almost 87% of the region is in a drought... All of New Mexico is officially in a drought, and three-quarters of it is categorized as severe or exceptional. Reservoir storage statewide is 17% of normal, lowest in the West.

New Mexico—America's top source of Breaking Bad— is now in the process of drying up and blowing away. New Mexico will soon be little more than a pile of sand in Old Mexico. Who is to blame for all of this?

You, the American sinner. There will be no escape.

[LAT. Current photo of the Los Angeles waterfront: Flickr]