Meet Pig. Pig the dog of Birmingham, Alabama. She was the big new star of Do Dah Day. And y'all know how B'ham is about its Do Dah Day dogs, bless their hearts. Pig is kinda screwed-up, aesthetically, which of course just deepens the Five Tuesdays In Heaven With Marley and Me narrative potential, fulfilled here by the Birmingham News' Joey Kennedy:

The unusual, oddly shaped dog has an equally unusual story.

Pig was born in the woods northeast of Atlanta last fall to a feral mother. Pig's profound birth defects make her survival and attitude remarkable.

Birth defects? Let Kim Dellenbeck—contractor, Corgi enthusiast, and patient Pig savior—explain:

Dillenbeck said Pig is missing part of her spine; she's missing several ribs. And she has vertebrae that are fused and twisted. Near her neck, her spinal cord splits into two separate cords. Her hips and joints are rotated in the wrong positions...

"The lady who found her, the vet told her to have her (Pig) put down," said Dillenbeck.

But Pig lives on, despite the odds.

Dillenbeck said Pig came with the name, and so she kept it. And Pig does sort of look like a pig, depending on the angle one views her.

Sort of, depending on your angle. Just like life. But how's she, ah, living?

Though Dillenbeck's other animals are spayed or neutered, Pig hasn't been spayed because the veterinarians do not want to put her under anesthesia.

"I don't expect she'll ever get out of my control and get a boyfriend," Dillenbeck said.


[Photo credits: Kim Dillenbeck/Alabama Media Group]