Back in early July, a helmet-cam video of a Fresno firefighter rescuing an unconscious kitten trapped inside a smoke-filled home briefly caught the Internet's attention.

That video has now gone viral yet again after being recut as an ad for GoPro's HD HERO3 camera.

That's the good news.

The bad news is what GoPro isn't telling you: Despite firefighter Cory Kalanick's valiant efforts, the cat eventually died of smoke inhalation.

A person claiming to be a GoPro employee noted in a Reddit thread about the video that the company wasn't aware that the cat had died.

"At least no one in any of the meetings I was in knew about it," he wrote.

To which another Redditor responded perfectly, "what's crucial here is that, to my knowledge, GoPro wasn't using the footage to show a firefighter ensure the kitten life a long and happy life, but rather show the great work the firefighter did in his/hers efforts to save the kitten."

RIP Lucky.

[video via GoProCamera]