Every cliché about Canada came to pass Monday when a northern Ontario man rescued a newborn moose calf, still damp and unsteady on its legs, and took it directly to a Tim Hortons.

After finding the calf near a highway, Stephan Michel Desgroseillers realized he'd have to keep it until the nearest animal shelter opened the next morning, so he did what any true Canadian would do: Stopped at Tim Hortons for coffee.

"The wolves would have got to [the calf]," Desgroseillers said.

Although no witnesses confirmed this, he probably also said "sorry," enjoyed maple syrup, and shared some opinions about hockey while the moose gorged itself on Dutchie Timbits.

The 25-pound moose is now safely in the care of an animal refuge in Lively, Ont. The staff there determined it's a male, and was only one day old when Desgroseillers found it.

[H/T Guyism]