Is KFC's Double Down, a food-like item bookended by two slabs of K-Fried C and zero slices of bread, actually a sandwich? The correct answer is: Who cares? You still shouldn't get a tattoo of it.

In the case of an anonymous bearded individual identified by Grubstreet as "Some Idiot," the original gamble was that he could consume some number of KFC Double Downs and live. The "doubling down," so to speak, was having an image of the maybe-sandwich tattooed on his leg.

The tattoo was a real creative challenge, the artist explained, because of the difficulty of distinguishing one brown-yellow ingredient from another.

Some Idiot has drawn obvious comparisons to the Norwegian kid who got his McDonald's receipt tattooed on his arm. There's a crucial difference, though: One did it for shits and giggles and the other did it for KFC's YouTube channel.

It could be worse, though. He could have a tattoo of a failure pile in a sadness bowl.

[H/T: Grubstreet]