Nobody on Vine amuses me more consistently than a 12-year-old girl from Birmingham, Michigan, who goes by the name Lillian Powers. She started posting her absurd, awkward-funny 6-second videos on June 11. In the time since, she has posted 95. I assume this is something of a summer-vacation project. It's been time well spent.

Powers' bio reads (in a Disney-esque font):

I'm 12 years young. Going into 7th grade. I just have fun with my Vines.

Yep. My favorite feature of hers is the "random shoutout," in which she yells in a public space and catches the surprise reaction those within view:

This one, titled "I dony know this person LOL," is along the same lines:

I think all of this is a really positive use for all that annoyance that tweens have within them.

She's got a lot of animals (including a donkey) and she knows exactly what to do with them:

[There was a video here]

She also has a mature sense of satire:

It's a beautiful thing when a person finds her medium, especially so early in life. And one day, Lillian Powers will write all the sketch shows and direct all the movies. I can't wait.

Hat tip to @CodyTupper, via whom I discovered Lillian Powers. He's an excellent Vine curator, seemingly without trying. This one that he tweeted (not by Lillian Powers) is fucking insane:

Update: Lillian's account got suspended, per this Vine she put up (on a new account) a few hours ago:

"We're working to try to fix it," she promises. I hope the traffic from this post didn't have something to do with it. I always hurt the ones I love.

Update 2: Powers apparently has been suspended from Vine because of her age. Here is a post on the injustice.