Charity Anne Johnson, who was arrested by police last month after it was discovered she was posing as 15-year-old east Texas high school student "Charity Stevens," was sentenced to 85 days in jail by a judge after pleading guilty to failure to identify. Johnson will also be charged a $277 fine and has already been in jail for nearly a month following her arrest by police May 13.

Johnson had convinced her McDonald's co-worker, Tamica Lincoln, that she was 15, and had nowhere to stay after her parents had died. Lincoln took Johnson in and enrolled her at the New Life Christian School in Longview, Texas.

"She acted like a kid. She did her homework. She got good report cards," Lincoln told ABC News.

Johnson's lie began to unravel after Osarieme Obaseki, who runs Dallas-based What About Us, a non-profit that helps women and girls, and whom Johnson told she was a 14, began to suspect that Johnson was older than she said she was.

The fake Charity Stevens also had a boyfriend: 23-year-old Rickie Williams, who believed Johnson to be 18.

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