FUBU, the clothing brand founded by Shark Tank’s fourth most vicious shark, Daymond John, famously stands for, “For us, by us.” The “us” who FUBU was created by and intended for is not, as it turns out, white KKK members from backwater Georgia.

Alas, that did not prevent one man—with the Klan’s insignia tattooed on his bicep, a confederate flag in his hands, and several teeth in his mouth—from attending a weekend rally in Stone Mountain, Georgia in a pair of FUBU sneakers. He was confronted in the video above by George Chidi, a local journalist, who pointed out that he was essentially a walking advertisement for black success.

The man responded that he did not care if his shoes were designed by a black person, because they are the Klan’s colors of red, white, and black, which, I guess, is a fair point?

Correction: The headline of this post originally referred to the rally as a “KKK rally.” It was, instead, a confederate rally. The headline has been updated to reflect that.

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