Girls star Allison Williams got a bit of good news today, and then another bit of good news, and then another bit of good news, and so on and so forth until bits of good news arranged in neat, orderly piles covered nearly every square foot of her home. The bits of good news had that hot, paper-fresh-from-the-printer smell that Allison Williams likes, and were stacked so deep that they insulated her apartment from the winter chill and the sad February noises trying to sneak through its big, clean windows. The sun was shining and so was her hair. It was just another good day to be Allison Williams.

Williams' rep confirmed today that the actress is engaged to her boyfriend of a significant-but-not-too-long-in-fact-just-right amount of years (three), CollegeHumor co-founder Ricky Van Veen.


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