A thief holding a gun hauled in around $50 million worth of jewelry during a brazen heist in Cannes Sunday morning.

The robber, wearing a baseball hat and scarf, entered an exhibition of diamonds at the Carlton InterContinental Hotel and took the jewels in the presence of both security guards and hotel guests.

“Everything happened very quickly and without violence,” the prosecutor’s office told French News. The thief might have stolen even more than originally reported, as investigators are still going through the exhibition's inventory.

The robbery comes only a few days after a member of the infamous "Pink Panther" gang escaped from prison, making him the third member to do so since May. Cannes has also been a hotbed of criminal activity — in May, millions of dollars worth of jewelry was stolen during the prestigious film festival.

Could the robberies be connected to the highly-successful and elusive gang? Seems a bit like Hollywood. The Carlton InterContinental Hotel was the setting for Hitchcock's T0 Catch a Thief, so who knows!