An Oregon woman who had $500 worth of sex toys stolen from the trunk of her sedan says she felt extremely embarrassed having to list the missing items to a police officer. So, naturally, her next stop was the local news.

"It was horrible," Chelsey Coutts told Portland's Fox affiliate KPTV. "[The officer] kind of started laughing, but he felt bad so he asked me to describe everything in detail, and it was just horrible."

Coutts, one of several victims who have had their car broken into by the same thief, claims she spent months purchasing the sex toys for a bachelorette party, and was keeping them in the trunk so her two children wouldn't find them.

"I've been storing it in my trunk because I have two little ones and didn't want them to see all the dirty things in there," she said. "Lots of toys, blow-up items, all kinds of goodies."

Among the lifted toys: A 4-foot inflatable penis and some "penis straws."

The bachelorette party's guest of honor, Haleigh Kirby, said she was heartbroken by the incident, noting that Coutts has "worked so hard for so long" and has "done a really good job" putting the whole thing together.

The two shared the sad news with their Facebook friends, and several have happily donated some toys to replace those that were taken.

[screengrab via Fox 12]