Okay, so Massachusetts has a plan to establish an island colony of poisonous rattlesnakes. On purpose. Okay.

  1. Why
  2. Right now you have a deserted island with no rattlesnakes. You say you’re going to fill it with poisonous rattlesnakes—on purpose? Is this accurate?
  3. “[Some] residents fear that the rattlesnakes, which are capable of swimming, will escape the island and maraud across areas frequented by people and their pets.” Did you read that part?
  4. What about the other things on the island. The animals and whatnot
  5. What could go wrong with this plan? I’m saying that sarcastically
  6. Seriously—just making a Deadly Rattlesnake Island? Is this a joke?
  7. Did you know that rattlesnakes can bite (people)
  8. And what about the high volume rattling?

This is Massachusetts—not Snake State!

[Photo: Dave Thomas/ Flickr]