"Our brother asked us to be his best men for his wedding." So begins the preface to the greatest wedding toast in nuptial history.

It continues:

We knew the hardest thing would be doing a traditional best man’s speech because we would cry too much. So instead, we made an 80’s music video, since it's the coolest decade by far and because Robin is an 80’s boy.

And thus Rufus Starlight was born.

Or rather, reborn, since according to the (presumably fictitious) bio on the band's Facebook page, the duo has been around since before the Eighties were the Eighties:

Rufus Starlight formed in August 1977. 'We Are Brothers' was inspired and produced just six short weeks later. Not only did it define a music video genre, it has been credited, by somebody, as inspiring '80s icons such as Human League, Gary Numan, Kraftwerk, Heaven 17, ABC, George Michael, David Hasselhoff, and Tom Cruise.

Rufus's star shone brightly but, oh so briefly. Almost as soon as it banded it disbanded, because of unresolvable creative differences. At the time, NME called this "a pity".

Along with the resurrection of Rufus Starlight, so too did the music video for "We Are Brothers" resurface.

Starring band members Rufus Starlight ("the old bossy one") and Baddy Paris ("the young musical genius"), it's been compared to "Night at the Roxbury set in the Tron universe and scored by Gary Numan."

Which is how all the best things in life should be described.

"Do not forget," Paris and Starlight tell Robin in the video's description, "you are our brother!"

After this wedding toast, no one will ever forget that.

[H/T: The High Definite]