We all like J.Crew's mix of preppy-yet-accessible, casually chic, well-fitting, affordable, and "very cool" clothing, but did you realize we're financing the substance abuse of these models? Today's best new Tumblr, Drunk J.Crew, exposes the lushes of Ginghamville.

It's a simple formula: author Jen Ellison takes J.Crew catalog photos and puts funny captions over them. And just like the apparel and accessories of J.Crew, its brilliance lies in its simplicity—with a collegiate twist!

Plus, it makes sense. If you were trapped in a perma-Hell of Slim lambswool V-neck sweaters and Wallace & Barnes heavyweight flannel shirts in warm chicory plaid, you would probably also be hitting the bottle this much. God knows I am! I'm drunk right now. I'm writing this post drunk, and I'm covered in tweed.